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Eco-Oh! Houthalen-Oost/Laakdal

ECO-oh! Group the specialist in recycling that processes plastic packaging materials into valuable raw materials, is clearly concerned with the environment.

That is why they consciously chose for the re-lighting of the production halls in Houthalen and Laakdal for energy efficient LED lighting of C-Light Project Bvba. C-Light Project took care of the lighting study, delivery and installation of the energy efficient lighting.

The production halls used mercury vapor lamps with a consumption of more than 400 watts. However, the effective consumption of these lamps is higher than 400 watts, as the ballast also consumes energy. A further disadvantage of these lamps is that they cannot be switched on and off in quick succession and they need a certain amount of time before they provide 100% light. Furthermore, we must not forget that these lamps are extremely harmful to the environment as they contain mercury and will disappear from the market in the near future.

C-light Project bvba has chosen to replace these bulbs with energy-efficient LED highbay LEDs of 200 watts, with a yield of 140 Lm/Watt.

Features of these LED Highbays:

200 watt Flux (Lm) 28000 +/- 1000
Using Philips 3030 leds
PMMA lens
Certificates for European market;-

Not only was a reduction in consumption achieved but this choice also ensured better light distribution than before, making the working environment safer for machine park operators.

In the workshop and warehouse areas, the old fluorescent fixtures were replaced by 60 watt LED Vapor Tight Fixture fixtures, again the relighting resulted in a savings of more than 50% in consumption and a clear improvement in light distribution. This pleasant light also promotes safety for people on the shop floor.

Features of this LED Vapor Tight Fixture:

60 watt Flux (Lm) 6600
Certificates for the
European market;
CE, RoHS UL E469084


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