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CLP can take care of every step of your lighting project within the Benelux and Germany. This can be for both industrial, new construction, and renovation projects. Our team of experts will collaborate with manufacturers to provide high-quality products. Thanks to this direct cooperation, we can keep prices as low as possible. Would you also like to save on energy bills? Have sustainable led-lighting installed with minimal maintenance? Or visibly improve the quality of light so that your employees perform optimally? You can contact our led-experts for any question about lighting. Companies, public buildings, production facilities, … You name it, we illuminate it.

How does CLP operate?

At our lighting company, we offer a holistic approach to the perfect led-lighting solution, tailored to the needs and requirements of your industrial space. Wondering what to expect? You will find an introduction to the main steps of how we work below.

In this first phase of our collaboration, we are happy to offer expert, customized advice, helping you choose the right type of led-lighting for your business. Tailored to your specific needs and goals.
When drawing up a lighting plan, our experts take into account various factors such as the desired (light) quality, the function of the room as well as the desired energy efficiency.
After you have agreed with our proposed lighting plan, we provide flawless installation of the lighting on site. If desired, we can take care of the electrical installation for you.
Even after installation, CLP will take care of your led-lighting solution. You can count on our expert team. That way, you can enjoy a reliable and durable industrial lighting solution for years to come.

Lighting Advice

At CLP, we always start by establishing your lighting goals. That way, our experts understand exactly what you need. Our experienced lighting consultants will provide you with a detailed explanation of the technical aspects such as energy consumption, lux values, lighting options, and light image, … This step-by-step approach gives you a clear view of the different lighting options. Of course, the options offered by our industrial lighting company will also be discussed.

verlichting voor bedrijven
Industriele projecten met lichtplan

Customized plan

A successful lighting plan achieves the stated goal. Lighting brings the right atmosphere, as well as a sense of safety and comfort. For example, by choosing bright and even lighting at workstations, fatigue and eye strain can be reduced. This results in better concentration and higher productivity. Our led-specialists will help you select the best lighting solution that meets your specific needs and budget.


After agreement, we deliver the lighting. We also provide the electrical installation if desired. Would you prefer to install the lighting yourself? This is also possible, always with appropriate advice from CLP. Our specialized professionals are happy to help your company.

verlichting voor bedrijven
verlichting voor bedrijven


Service doesn’t stop after installing CLP’s industrial led-lighting. We understand that maintaining your lighting is important for the optimal operation and life of the system. That’s why we offer maintenance contracts to keep lighting in top condition. Our experienced technicians are ready to solve any problems and perform periodic maintenance. By doing so, you can enjoy a durable and energy-efficient led-lighting system without any worries.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done by phone, e-mail or by using the contact form.