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Reliable led-emergency
lighting from CLP

CLP understands that emergency lighting is an essential part of safety features in industrial buildings and public areas. Our emergency lighting is designed to provide visibility during emergencies. This can range from power outages to fires or other emergencies where normal lighting may fail. The purpose of emergency lighting is to help people orientate themselves, and find their way and evacuate safely in the event of an emergency. To that end, our LED lighting company offers customized solutions that meet specific safety regulations. After a thorough analysis of the space, an individualized lighting plan will be prepared by our experienced expert.

industriële noodverlichting betrouwbaar veilig

Safety is priority

Our advanced emergency lighting systems consist of high-quality LED luminaires and powerful lithium batteries. They offer a range of crucial functions, such as escape route lighting, anti-panic lighting and emergency exit lighting. CLP installs these emergency lighting systems in strategic locations. These include locations where your employees are present, such as corridors, stairwells, exits and other crucial areas. With CLP’s reliable solutions, you can meet all safety standards and ensure the safety of your staff.


Are you looking for high-quality and energy-efficient emergency lighting for your industrial space? Then get in touch with CLP. We are happy to share our advice.