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Industrial led-lighting for
indoor and outdoor use

CLP is your sustainable partner for industrial led-lighting for both indoor and outdoor spaces. By upgrading outdated lighting systems to energy-efficient alternatives, your business can reduce energy bills. In other words, CLP enables you to reduce costs. Contact us today and let’s collaborate to see how you can light everything more economically and efficiently.

industriële verlichting

Versatility is key

Industrial led-lighting is versatile and can be customized in various ways according to your company’s specific needs. Good lighting can improve concentration and reduce fatigue. It can also contribute to a healthier and better (work) environment, making your employees feel better and more motivated to do their best.

Both for indoor
and outdoor use

Our outdoor industrial led-lighting is specially designed to meet the high demands of industry. Our passionate CLP team conducts a thorough survey to create an expert lighting plan for your business.

industriële verlichting


in the spotlights

These projects demonstrate the broad application possibilities of industrial led-lighting. Ranging from warehouses to production halls and outdoor areas. Each project is customized.


Would you like to shine a light to your business or office sustainably and thus save costs? Contact us to discuss your project. We will gladly provide you with sound advice.

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