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Boyen Genk

CLP took care of the re-lighting at menswear specialist Boyen in Genk. The energy consuming Halogen and gas ignition lamps with a consumption of 120 watts per fixture were replaced by our LED Gril lights with a consumption of only 40 watts per fixture . This is equivalent to 1/3 of the original consumption. The indirect fluorescent lighting was also addressed by replacing it with energy efficient LED strips and RGB strips were used for accent lighting.

Further plus points of LED Gril Lights:

Longer lifespan
Much less heat development
No UV radiation
Significantly lower consumption
Our LED grill lights are available in blocks of 1, 2 or 3 LEDS and with a maximum light output of 3900LM (cool white) CRI of 80 for a fixture of 3 LEDs. At a distance of 3 meters we achieve 501Lx Light beam diameter 1,22m,and at 5 meters 180lx light beam diameter 2,03m.

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