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Martens Traktor Bree

C-Light Project bvba recently finished the re-lamping to LED at Martens Traktor in Bree.

In the new location of Martens Tractor the old TL’s were removed and replaced by our high effecient T8 LED tubes. Provided a small adjustment to the fixtures under the professional guidance of C-light, the job was done in no time and Martens Traktor can enjoy lower energy consumption and higher light output.

The consumption of our LEDs resulted in a savings of no less than 42%.

LED Tubes we used in this project:

T8 tubes L 1500mm
Consumption 30 Watt
Light color 4000-4500K.

These LEDs are extremely suitable for use at higher heights (6 meters).

Do you also have interest or questions for re-lighting or re-lamping to LED, be sure to contact us and we will give you the necessary advice/quotation tailored to your needs.


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